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Annotated Bibliography


From "Tips for Writing an Annotated Bibliography"  COM Library by Kathryn Park 

Example: Comparing, Contrasting & Special Features

Roth, J.  (Ed.). (2000). World philosopher and their work (Vols.1-3).  Hackensack, New Jersey:  Salem Press.

This three- volume collection is arranged in 231 alphabetically chapters, written by 120 scholars, and edited by John Roth, a professor of Philosophy from Claremont McKenna College since 1966. The book is about the greatest world philosophers from ancient Greek to African philosophers to modern philosophers.  Written with the needs of students and the general public in mind, each chapter provides a bibliographic overview, discussions of the philosophers' work, and historic influences. The strength of this set is that each chapter provides illustrations of the philosophers, categorizes the type of philosophy such as Islamic or metaphysics, and provides a discussion of the major works in detail.  This set is detailed in scope and the articles have more critical analysis than Borcherts’s Encyclopedia of Philosophy. This set has several special features including a list of primary sources after each chapter, a list of works arranged by topic in the index, and a list of sources for further inquiry.


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