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Fireside Readers Book Discussion Group (Wayne College): Book Club Considerations

Wayne College's community book club, discussing works of non-fiction on the fourth Monday of the month

The University of Akron Wayne College Library

Fall 2020: Humorous Memoir

Fall 2020: Civil War

Fall 2020: Another Book by a Favorite Author

Fall 2020: Women in Non-Traditional Roles

February - July 2020 Category 1: Ohio

February - July 2020 Category 2: True Crime

February - July 2020 Category 3: Social Justice

February - July 2020 Category 4: Disaster / Survival

February - July 2020 Category 5: Historic Biography / Memoir (Someone who is no longer living)

February - July 2020 Category 6: Health / Science

July-November 2019 Category 1: Historic Time Period 1960's

July-November 2019 Category 2: LGTBQ+

July-November 2019 Category 3: Contemporary Biography

July-November 2019 Category 4: Travelogue / Foreign Country or Culture

July-November 2019 Category 5: Feel Good / Humor / Animals (that don't have tragic end)

Other Possible Categories

Other categories to consider for the future:

  • Biography or memoir of a leader from another country

Considerations (starting in February 2018)

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