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Science Faculty Research Gallery

Links to all the articles from the Science Faculty Research Gallery at University of Akron. Mobile users - scroll past exhibit statement for article links.

Exhibit Statement

Faculty, staff, and students work together every day to help produce outstanding research at the University of Akron.  In the sciences, most research output is in the form of journal articles and over time a tradition developed of honoring particularly excellent articles by putting art from the article on the journal’s cover. To ‘get a cover’ means the researchers have combined superior research with something visually engaging. If you walk through the halls of a research building, you will see journal covers like these proudly displayed on doorways and lab windows.

This gallery collects journal covers from University of Akron researchers. In some cases, we had to choose among many submissions from the same faculty member. We also saw many articles with two or three faculty authors – showing the fundamentally collaborative nature of scientific research. Covers were chosen for visual appeal, currency, and to show the breadth of our research strength. Some are front covers and some are ‘inside front covers’ – both are notable, so both are included.

We hope these visually appealing examples of research will remind every viewer of one vital role of the Science and Technology Library – to collect and organize information to facilitate new research. The research cycle - using scholarly literature to help produce new discoveries that are then shared in the literature - is at the center of scientific communication. This library is proud of our role in helping the University’s science and engineering researchers and hope you share this pride as you enjoy this showcase of their work.

Links to Original Articles

Click the Information  icon to see the abstract. Only University of Akron authors are noted.