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Technology and Human Values (Wayne): Full Text Finder in Google Scholar

The University of Akron Wayne College Library

Google Scholar: Linking Results to UA or OhioLINK Full Text Finder

If you are using Google Scholar to locate scholarly information, be sure to adjust your settings so that your search results will connect you to the Full Text Finders available from the University of Akron and Ohiolink.

Step 1: Go to Google Scholar.

Step 2: Sign in to your Google Scholar account.

Step 3: Perform a search.

Google scholar search with plant based diet and inflammation entered in search box.

Step 4: Look for the link to open up your settings.

Step 5: Select the "Library Links" option on the left side of the page.

Locate the link for "Libraries" on the left side of the screen

Step 6: Search for "The University of Akron" and check the box next to "The University of Akron Libraries - Full Text Finder @ Uakron"

Perform a search for the University of Akron

Step 7: Perform another search for "OhioLINK" and check the box next to "OhioLINK - Find It with OhioLINK"

Perform a search for OhioLINK

Step 8: Make sure the appropriate boxes are checked and save your settings.

Select the boxes next to the University of Akron and OhioLINK then select save.

Step 9: Perform your search and see the library linking tools displayed among your results.

Arrows indicate the full text finder for several results in google scholar.

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