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Digital Collections Search Help: Browsing Tips

Browsing the Collections:


Now that you have found our digital collections homepage, you can begin browsing our collections or performing a search.

This section will teach you how to browse our available collections. Select the next tab if you are looking to perform a search, otherwise keep reading!


If you followed our instructions for finding our digital collections landing page, you should see this page on your screen:


From this page, you are able to read about our digital collections generally at the top of the page, or scroll down to read descriptions of specific sections of our collections that are available digitally.

If you would like to view all of our digital collections at once (over 61,000 items!) you should scroll to the bottom of our digital collections landing page, and select the "Browse" button.

If you would like to browse a specific collection, you can select any of the blue headings to see items associated with that particular topic.


Now we are able to view items and narrow our browsing parameters further.

Narrowing Browsing Parameters:



After selecting the "Browse" button or the link to a specific collection, you will be brought to this results page:


This page provides a few options for narrowing your search further, which involve either the menus along the side, or the drop-down "Sort by:" menu at the top of the page. You are also able to narrow or re-order your results AFTER conducting a search using the advanced search tool that you will learn about here.

Left-hand Side Menu:

If you wish to narrow the search by item title, creator, or date go to the menu on the left-hand side of the page, and scroll through to find the parameters you are looking for. To see more options, select the "Show More" button under each heading.


Once you have selected the parameter that you wish to narrow onto, then you will only be able to see results associated with that parameter.

If you wish to return to viewing all of the results that you were viewing before, you will have to remove the search term associated with that narrowed search. To do this, simply select the "x" next to that search term at the top of your narrowed results.

*Note: If you see more than one search term box at the top of your narrowed results, be sure to only remove the term you intended to remove. If there is a second search term box and you narrowed you browsing by a specific collection while on our Digital Collections Landing Page, this second box is likely associated with that specific collection and should not be removed if you still wish to be in that collection.

"Sort By:" Drop-down Menu:

The "Sort By" drop-down menu defaults to "Date Original Ascending," meaning that you are viewing the oldest items in our digital collections first. If you wish to change the way that the items are sorted, you may use this drop-down menu to do so.