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Bierce Curriculum Center

This libguide provides details about the Bierce Curriculum Center including the collections and tips for searching.

Non-fiction resources

The Curriculum Center collection is organized using the Dewey Decimal system. Materials regarding the following subjects are included in the collection under these numbers:

Non-fiction materials

000 - Generalities
100 - Philosophy
200 - Religion
300 - Social Science (370 – Education)
400 - Language
500 - Science
600 - Technology
700 - Arts
800 - Literature
900 - Geography, History, and Biography

Textbooks can be found in 372 AND in the numbers for their subject area. For example, Science textbooks may be found in the 372s and also in the 500s. It is helpful to check both locations.

A more in-depth break down of the Dewey Decimal System can be found here.

Grade Level Indicators

Our newer items (and all future additions) feature a grade level indicator at the end of the call number. This feature can be extremely helpful when navigating the catalog or browsing the shelves for grade/age appropriate materials. This can be seen in the catalog and on the physical items as demonstrated in the two examples below:


The grade levels are assigned based on ratings from the School Library Journal, recommendations from the publisher, or in the absence of these  indications, based on content at the librarians' discretion.