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Bierce Curriculum Center

This libguide provides details about the Bierce Curriculum Center including the collections and tips for searching.

Tips on searching for materials in the Curriculum Center

You can directly search for materials within the Curriculum Center through the University Libraries Catalog.  Use the dropdown menu just below the keyword search box that defaults to “View Entire Collection” to select “Bierce Curriculum Center.” See the screenshot below.


An alternative search strategy is to search the entire collection in the catalog using the keyword "juvenile" paired with your keyword(s). For example, if you are interested in books about wildlife for children, you can search for the following; "wildlife" "juvenile". This strategy is beneficial because it almost always captures all of the Curriculum Center items AND any other items available in our collection that are not physically housed in the curriculum center but could be age appropriate and relevant to you (such as ebooks or books at the Wayne campus that you can request!). See this example search in the screenshot below.
Finding textbooks in the Curriculum Center
Students often use the Curriculum Center to find textbooks. Most of the time the need for a textbook is tied to a class assignment so it is important to be able to find an appropriate textbook when you need it. I have programmed a search to make this easy for you! Simply click on this link to be redirected to the catalog with a listing of all of the textbooks in the Curriculum Center.
The next step is to modify the search to include the subject that we are looking for. Click on the "Limit/Sort Search" button to modify the search.
The next step is to use the "Enter limits" box to search for your subject. For this example, we will assume we need to find an algebra textbook. See example below.


The only thing left to do is hit submit -- we now have a list of all of the textbooks on algebra in the Curriculum Center!! (Of course this can be repeated with any subject!)