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VPN Setup

Instructions on how to download FortClient and setup access to UA's VPN on different operating systems.


*If you are using a University of Akron owned computer, FortiClient should already be installed and you do not need to download the client.


To download the FortiClient, please visit the FortiClient download page.

*If you already have FortiClient installed and are trying to update to the latest version, first uninstall and then download. Instructions for reinstalling after Monterey Upgrade


After downloading and installing the FortiClient from above, it needs to be configured.

Open the FortiClient and select Configure VPN

Configure VPN option on FortiClient

Create a new SSL VPN connection profile. Name it UA VPN and input for the remote gateway. All other values can be left as the default.

Settings to configure UA VPN connection

Type in your UANet ID and password and select on Connect

FortiClient Enter Login Credentials Screen

You should now be connected.

FortiClient Successful Connection Screen

Reinstalling after Monterey Upgrade

The currently installed version of Forticlient is not compatible with MacOS 12 (Monterey) and must be reinstalled. 

  1. After upgrading to Monterey, run the found in the Application folder.
  2. When this is complete, launch UA Self and select the Check In policy under the Maintenance tab.
  3. When this is finished, reboot the computer.
  4. Finally after rebooting, launch UA Self again and select the Install FortiClient policy.

If the UA Self is not available or you do not see the necessary policy icons, contact the support desk for further assistance.