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Newspapers Research Guide

Factiva News Database

This guide describes how to search for specific newspaper articles from the Factiva database.

Searching for a Specific Newspaper Article

1. Connect to Factiva (access requires VPN Setup)
2. Always use the Search Builder (the default option at UA) to search Factiva.
3. In no particular order, enter the citation/publication information. When the title of an article is known, type the title enclosed in quotation marks.

4. In the Source option, type the title of the publication. 

5. If the date is unknown, in the Date option, select All Dates

6. Click on the "Search" button to run the search.

Example 1:
Title of newspaper article: "Pale Blue, Deep Blue" from The New York Times

Example 2:
The title of the newspaper article: `Quality Gap' in Health Care Kills 57,000 Each Year in U.S. from The Wall Street Journal