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Course Reserves

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What Are Course Reserves?

Course Reserves are a collection of books specially selected by instructors that check out for a different loan period than the regular collection. If you are in need of an essential textbook or other supplemental material, ask about the Course Reserve collection at the Bierce Library service desk.

  • Course Reserves provide a way for students to access textbooks that might otherwise be too expensive for them. 
  • Course Reserves may check out for the day.
  • Course Reserves includes collections of online resources selected by professors specifically for the course.

Types of Course Reserves

Hard Copy Reserves

  • Books, DVDs, models, or any other physical materials.
  • Physical items are placed on the shelves behind the Bierce Service desk.

Electronic Reserves

  • Articles, databases, links, files, streaming videos, or any other digital resources
  • Resources are accessed via a secure website.
  • Only enrolled students have access to course materials.


Request Course Reserves

Professors may request their course materials to be placed on reserve in several ways:

(a) by reaching out to the Course Reserves Coordinator Marie Zufall via email at or by telephone at (330) 972-6193,


(b) by visiting the service desk at Bierce Library, or


(c) online via the forms linked below



Request a Print Book

Request a CD or DVD

Request ERES Article


Fall 2022 Hard Copy Reserves Update

Fall 2022 Update for Hard Copy Course Reserves:

  1. Most reserve books are available for same day checkout and will be due back before the library closes. The books can be taken out of the building, as long as they are returned before closing. If they are not returned on time, there will be a fine because of the high demand of the books.
  2. We will place personal copies of books and library copies on reserve, and we accept donated textbooks. We have limited funds for purchasing new materials for reserves this year.

Electronic Reserves Copyright Policies Update

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