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Course Reserves



Copyright holders have exclusive rights to create reproductions, to create derivative works, to distribute and to perform publicly. Once an item has been created in a “stable,” tangible form, then it is automatically copyrighted. Registering for copyright provides extra security and exclusion, but it is not required for an item to  be copyrighted.

Course Reserve:

A library term that describes text books and other course materials that are set apart from the regular collection.

Electronic Reserve:

Often called “ERES” for short. Electronic Reserves is the library service that provides students with supplemental course materials. Though often consisting of Journal Articles and Book Chapters, almost any digital document may be uploaded as a course reserve item.

Fair Use:

An exception to copyright law that allows use of small portions of copyrighted materials for legitimate reasons.

Hard Copy Reserve:

Physical materials placed on Course Reserves. These items may be checked out at Bierce and Science & Technology Libraries.

Media Reserves:

CDs, DVDs, and other physical media devices that have been placed on hard copy reserve. These items may be checked out at Bierce Library, downstairs in Media Services.

Open Content:

Content not restricted by Copyright laws. It may also refer to programing language that is not encrypted, and thus available for expansion. Also see DRM Free and Creative Commons.



Patents are a documentation that secures for a term of years the exclusive right to make, use, or sell an invention.

Print Reserve:

Textbooks and other print materials that are placed on Hard Copy Reserve at Bierce and Science & Technology Libraries.

Public Domain:

Content that is in the public domain have intellectual property rights that have either expired or are inapplicable.


An online learning environment where University of Akron Students may interact with their professors and with fellow students. Professors may manage, distribute and grade their tests and assignments all through this digital interface.