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Course Reserves

Print Reserve


  •     Circulating Books from the University Libraries collection
  •     Instructor-provided materials such as extra book copies
  •     Reference Materials
  •     Government Documents

Checkout Time (Select one)

  • Most of our course reserve materials are available for same day checkout and are due back at library closing.
  • 3 Days
  • 7 Days


Print materials may be found at Bierce Library's Service Desk on the main floor.

Looking up Course Reserves

Search for Course Reserve books in the University Library's catalog by limiting to the Course Reserve collection (as detailed above), or by searching on the Reserves tab.


  • Course Reserve items can be searched by the name of the course instructor (Last name, First Name), the course name, or the course number (ex.  MATH:149).


  • Reserve items may also be searched by book title, ISBN number, or library call number. Note: different versions of a textbook can have differing ISBN numbers, so is recommended to search in more than one way for a book.



Request Course Reserves

Instructors may request materials for course reserves in several ways, but the preferred method is via email

(a) by reaching out to the Course Reserves Coordinator Marie Zufall via email at or by telephone at (330) 972-6193,


(b) by visiting the service desk at Bierce Library, or


(c) online via the forms linked below



Request a physical book, DVD, or other hardcopy material


Request an article, streaming video, or other electronic format to be posted on Brightspace