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Chemical Engineering Lab 4200:360 - Literature Search (2014): Activity 1

Help with the literature search activity in Chemistry Engineering Lab

Finding Articles

If you need to find articles on a TOPIC or SUBJECT, use one of our databases. Databases collect article references from many sources so you can search broadly.

If you have a reference and you want to FIND AN EXACT ARTICLE, use the A-to-Z journal list. Search for the journal title and follow the links to the full text.

Alternately, you can use Google Scholar, which is pretty good at locating EXACT article titles.

Finding Books

Use the library catalog to find books at The University of Akron. If our library doesn't have a title, click on the "OhioLink" button. Ohiolink search button image

If there is a copy in OhioLink, have it sent to Akron by clicking the green "Request" button.  Request Item Button

If the book is not at Akron or in OhioLink, try Interlibrary Loan.

Finding Advancements and News Releases

An advancement is a general movement of the field. As newcomers, you will have to tease this out from the literature. I suggest you find a topic of genuine interest first, then look at the news over the last six months and try to find multiple news items on a change to your topic. Below are some places to look for news and industry reports.

The "Industry Reports & Research" topic on the Activity 3 page might also help.

Finding Articles

The databases in this section will mostly help you find articles. You can also try ZipSearch (below) to search the library catalog and journals at the same time.

What Is ZipSearch?

Limit Your Results

What Is ZipSearch?

ZipSearch is the place to start most research projects. It includes:

  • Journal articles
  • Books at UA
  • Books in OhioLINK
  • Book reviews
  • Newspaper articles
  • Magazine articles
  • Streaming video & audio

Because it includes so many resources, it can be helpful to limit your searching in ZipSearch to source types or library locations under the "Refine Results" section of the search results screen:

ZipSearch Result

If ZipSearch does not work for your research project, select a database by subject.

Some features of the UA Libraries Catalog make it the best place to search for some UA collections including:

  • Music scores
  • Streaming video & audio
  • Government documents