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Speech-Language Pathology: Finding the Full-Text of Articles

This guide highlights speech language pathology related resources and services for the UA community.

How to Find an Article When You Have a Citation

Three ways to find the full-text of articles when you have the citation:

1. When using the "UA Libraries Catalog" and "E-JOURNALS", search for the source or periodical title (i.e. title of the JOURNAL).  Then look for the citation information of your article (year, volume, issue, pages) with the source information to access the full-text.

2. When using "Google Scholar", search for the article title (i.e. title of the ARTICLE). When searching for phrases, use double quotes (" ") to enclose the title of the article. For example: "Using mobile health clinics to reach college students"

                           Note: if the article is not available at UA, submit an InterLibrary Loan request.

How to Find an Article When Searching Databases

On the article record of databases, look for these icons to direct you to the full-text availability. Check them all.

This is the scanned image of the article, including illustrations/graphs.

2. or  

These HTML articles tend to include more pages than the PDF versions.  May include audio options.

The Full Text Finder link will direct you to full-text options available from other UA licensed databases (e.g. OhioLINK’s Electronic Journal Center, EJC) or the publisher/database vendor's website.

This link usually means that the article is not available at UA. You can request the article via InterLibrary Loan (requires a one-time registration) services.  InterLibrary Loan (ILL) is a free document delivery system for UA students, faculty and staff.  Items are delivered to your InterLibrary Loan account for downloading with 3-5 business days. To create an ILL account, go to ILL Services.

Example of article record in CINAHL database: