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Picking a Paper Topic

Using LexisNexis to Pick a Topic

Lexis Guides on Finding a Topic

Sample Searches

Searching for Circuit Splits in court cases databases

(circuit* /s split*) AND topic

circuit w/2 split! or disagree! 

Suggestions- Narrow to a topic, and use the Timeline feature to narrow date to after 01/01/2014

Advance search query:

circuit /3 (split! or disagree! or divided) 

(circuit /s split) or first impression or (split /s authority) or (declin! to follow /s circuit or appeal) 

Suggestion- use the Timeline feature to narrow date to after 01/01/2014

Searching for appellate court cases that reverse a lower court 

 revers! /20 "it is so ordered" or reasons or judgment or "therefore" or decreed or adjudged and not affirm!

Suggestions- Choose federal courts; use the Timeline feature to restrict date to after 01/01/2014; narrow on a topic; re-sort results by highest court to lowest. 

Searching for a case of first impression:

"first impression"

Suggestions- use the Timeline feature to narrow by date; by topic; re-sort highest court to lowest.

In law review databases:

"beyond the scope" /s note or article or comment

   Suggestion- use the Timeline feature tonarrow date to after 01/01/2013

interesting or open /s question or issue /p "beyond the scope" /s article or note or comment