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Legal Citation

Bluebook and ALWD Manual

New 21st Edition of Bluebook Coming Soon

The new 21st edition of the Bluebook became available Summer 2020

One big change is the way federal statutory code sections are cited. If you are citing to the current U.S. Code, you do not have to include a year. This is true when you are citing the official or unofficial code. HOWEVER, if you are citing to the code from Lexis or Westlaw, you must still include the currency information according to Rule 12.5.

See the Summary of Changes, below.

Bluebook & User Guides

CALI Lessons on Bluebook Citation

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Internet Resources for Citation Help

Practice Bluebooking Online

Transitioning from ALWD to Bluebook

The most recent version of the Bluebook (The 20th edition) was published in June, 2015. Some of the sources below pre-date the latest version of the Bluebook, but are still useful. You may want to keep in mind what has changed from the 19th edition (published in 2010). The 20th edition includes some new material in Rule 18, which governs the citation of electronic resources, among other changes. For a list of changes, see List of differences between the 19th and 20th editions by law librarian Janelle Beitz.