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Using ALWD for Academic Footnote Citations

If you want to use ALWD for citations in an academic article, especially pay attention to ALWD rules:

  •  1.4 (When to Use Large and Small Capital Letters).
  • 11.1(d) (Frequency of Full Citations in Academic Footnotes),
  • 11.4(d)(Appropriate Uses of Supra in Academic Footnotes),
  • 11.4(e)(Short Citations Using Supra in Academic Footnotes),
  • 11.5(c)(Appropriate Uses of Hereinafter in Academic Footnotes),
  • 12.16(g)(Short Citations to Cases in Academic Footnotes.) 

You will see that these rules are marked with an icon for "Academic Formatting".

Also, many of the main rules in ALWD include an example for academic formatting in the Fast Formats table at the beginning of the  main rule (eg. Rule 13, Rule 14, etc.) as well as a subsection of the rule that tells you how to do an academic footnote (e.g. Rule 13.2(e) - Full Citations to Constitutions for Academic Footnotes.)