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Wayne College Library FAQs

General Wayne College FAQs

What are the library's hours of operation?
The library's hours of operation are listed here. The library will be open limited hours during holidays, breaks between semesters, and the summer.  Check the library's website for updates.

How do I contact the library if I need help?
For general library questions and research assistance, you can stop by the library, call, e-mail, text, or chat live (during normal hours of operation).  Click here for contact information.

Where can I go to get help in the library?
For assistance of any kind, go to the library's information desk. The information desk is located near the library entrance. The staff at the information desk can assist you with checking out library materials, paying library fines, borrowing items on reserve, and any questions you may have about library research.

Can people who don't attend Wayne College use the library?
The library offers Community Cards to citizens of Wayne, Holmes, and Medina counties over the age of 18. Community Card holders may use library materials, gain access to OhioLINK databases (on campus only) and borrow a limited number of materials.

What other University of Akron libraries are available to Wayne College students?
In addition to the Wayne College Library there are four libraries, the Center for the History of Psychology museum and archives, and the Archives on the University of Akron campus. There is one single library catalog, the UA Libraries Catalog, listing materials held at each of these libraries. The University of Akron (and Wayne College) students have access to:

  • Wayne College Library: Located on the Wayne College campus in Orrville, this collection supports the curriculum of courses offered at this regional branch.
  • Bierce Library: Located on Buchtel Common at the Akron campus, this is the main campus library supporting research in the humanities, fine and applied arts, social sciences, and business.
  • School of Law Library: Located in the McDowell Law Center (School of Law building) at the Akron campus, this library supports research in law.
  • The Drs. Nicholas and Dorothy Cummings Center for the History of Psychology: Houses a museum of psychology as well as the Archives of the History of American Psychology.
  • Archival Services: Located in the Polsky Building at the Akron campus, the Archives collects, preserves, and provides access to the history of The University of Akron and the region.

What is OhioLINK?
OhioLINK is the Ohio Library and Information Network, a consortium of Ohio's college and university libraries and the State Library of Ohio. OhioLINK membership includes 90 institutions including public universities,  community / technical colleges, and private colleges. These institutions agree to share resources with all OhioLINK libraries, offering each member's students, faculty, and staff a vast array of library resources. These shared resources include:

What is SearchOhio?
SearchOhio is a network of Ohio public libraries that are able to share materials with users at OhioLINK libraries.  When you are unable to find materials through any University of Akron or OhioLINK library, try clicking on the SearchOhio button in the OhioLINK catalog to see if there are any public libraries that have the item available.  This service offers many fiction and popular reading titles that may be in limited supply at academic libraries.  Lending rules are slightly different for SearchOhio materials, so please pay attention to your due dates on your printed receipts or check your library record for details.

Are there jobs for student assistants in the library?
The library employs several student assistants each semester. Check at the information desk to see if we are currently hiring new students. You can also fill out a general application for student employment on campus in the Business Office or online here. If you are interested in working in the library, be sure to indicate this on the application and bring a copy of your application to the library.

How do I use my Zip Card in the library?
Your Zip Card is your identification card at Wayne College and The University of Akron. Be sure to carry it with you at all times. In the library you can use your Zip Card to:

  • Check out library materials
  • Pay library fines
  • Make copies using the library photocopier
  • Print from library computers

How do I add money to my Zip Card?
You can add money to your "All Campus Account" in the library using the VTS (Value Transfer Station) located near the entrance of the library, next to the photocopier, at the Cashier's Window in the Business Office, or by visiting the online Zip Card office at

Where on campus do they accept Zip Card funds as payment?
You can use your Zip Card funds in the library, the cashier's window (Business Office), the Marketplace Cafe, the Bookstore, and many locations on the Akron campus.

For more information and a list of the places you may use your card at the University of Akron campus, visit:

Is there a photocopier available in the library?
No, but we do have scanners.  Scanned documents can then be sent to the printer. You will need to use your Zip Card to print your scanned documents. General office supplies are also available at the copier including stapler, scissors, paper clips, correction fluid, 3-hole punch, and paper trimmer.

I want to research something online. Which computers can I use in the library?
The computers in the library are all available to students wishing to perform online research, create documents, or check their e-mail. There are currently nine seated stations and four stand-up stations. The computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and there are no time limits. We do recommend that you reserve the stand-up stations for short computer searches to make them more readily available for students needing quick library assistance.

There are also 20 computers located in the Library Lab (F-116). The lab is open to students at times when no reservations have been made. Be sure to check the schedule located outside the lab's door to make sure that the lab is available before starting your online project.

Where can I print out a document?
Each of the library computers will print to the printer in the library near the entrance. You will need to use your Zip Card to release all print jobs for $.05 per black and white page. Color printouts are $.10 each.  Be sure to select the color printer driver from the printer options, otherwise your printouts will be printed as black and white by default. Please only send one-sided print jobs to the printer.  Please only send single-sided documents to the printer as 2-sided documents jam in the printer.

Does it cost anything to print from the library computers?
The library uses Zip Print for all printing and copying.  Black and white printing is $.05 per page and color printing is $.10 per page.  Be sure to have your Zip Card to release and pay for your print jobs.

What is the purpose of the library lab?
The library lab (F-116) is a classroom designed primarily for teaching library research skills. You may come to the lab with your class or attend a library workshop on your own. When the lab is not in use for instructional purposes, it is an open lab for students to use for their own research.

I have a break between classes around lunch time. Can I eat my lunch in the library? 
Food and beverages are allowed in the library. Please exercise caution and only drink covered beverages and refrain from eating foods that might spill or be messy to clean up. Do not eat or drink near library equipment or materials.

Do I have to be quiet when I'm in the library?
Due to the acoustics in the library, sometimes it is very difficult to keep the library a quiet place. Although we do not generally enforce silence, we request that our patrons attempt to keep the noise level down to a minimum so that others can have a quiet place to read, study, and do their research. Please keep your conversations low, use headphones to listen to audio on your computers (these are available at the information desk), turn your cell phones to vibrate, and take your calls outside of the library.

There are predictable times during the day when the noise level tends to be higher, usually between classes and around the noon hour. If you prefer a quiet place during these times, you may wish to study in the community room, or in a study room if one is available.

Silence is enforced in the evenings and during the final exam weeks.
What is the Community Room?
The community room is located adjacent to the library. When there are not any events scheduled in this space students can use this room as an extension of the library. Occasionally this room is used for campus or community events. When there are no events in this room, please keep this room quiet for those needing a place to read or study.

Is there any place I can meet as a group to study together?
The library has three study rooms that can accommodate small groups (1 to 4 people). Each room is equipped with a computer and a whiteboard. The rooms may be reserved in advance at the information desk; Otherwise, they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.