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LaTeX: Great Resources

How do I Get and Install the Software?

First, you need a TeX Distribution (Required). Go to the definition of a TeX Distribution.

The TeX Distribution and engine do the typesetting work. A TeX Distribution must always be installed first. For Windows, choose either MiKTeX or TeX Live. For Macs, choose MacTeX. For Linux, choose TeX Live.

Next, you need a Front End or Editor (Recommended). Go to the definition of a front end or editor.

There are many great editors. Choose the one that suits your needs best. My favorite for Windows and Linux is TeXStudio. My favorite for Mac OS is TeXShop. Users will discuss what editors that they like best and why they like them on forums, blogs, and Wikipedia. Try a Google search on LaTeX editors.

My Favorite for Mac OS

Help from LaTeX Users

Where do I Find Packages?

For publisher class files, most can be found at the publisher's Web site (author guides). Many other packages can be found at

Help with Symbols

Good Documentation for LaTeX Beginners

Comprehensive LaTeX Documentation

Finding More Books

Create Graphics with TikZ