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Expungement/Sealing of Records and Certificate of Qualification for Employment (CQE)

Expungement & Sealing - Recent Legislation - 134th G.A., S.B. 288

More information on the new legislation:

Expungement or "Sealing of Records"?

What is "Expungement"?

Under the law effective April 6, 2023, "expunge" means "To destroy, delete, and erase a record as appropriate for the record's physical or electronic form or characteristic so that the record is permanently irretrievable." Ohio Revised Code § 2953.31(B)(2)(b).

What is "Sealing of Records"?

Convictions and non-convictions can be sealed or “hidden” from most background checks. Sealed electronic and paper records are filed in a separate, secured location. The records still exist but cannot be seen by most people."

There are caveats and exceptions so read the accompanying materials carefully. 
Source - Ohio Justice and Policy Center's  Criminal Records Manual -CAUTION - this was published in 2020 so some things in this document are out of date.
Another Source - Hamilton County Public Defender's Fresh Start (scroll down)

Sealing Help from the Reentry Clinic - University of Akron School of Law

Law behind expungement and sealing of records