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Stress Free

Relaxation Music

Visit the Naxos Music Library Database to listen to relaxing music. To access a playlist of relaxation music, select Playlists on the main bar on the page, select the Naxos Music Library Playlists tab, and then select the Relaxation & Contemplation folder.

Stress Relief Materials in Our Collection

Stressing Over a Project?

Are you stressing over a project? Remember we are always here to help you! If you need help while we are open, feel free to stop in the library, give us a call, send us an email, or chat with us (all of our contact information is in the column on the right) . If you need help when we are not open, remember that you still have access to the e-books in our catalog and all of our databases from home.  You could also send us an email and we will respond to you once we are open again. Don't forget to check the Research Guides homepage to see if we have a guide that will help you. 

Find Self-Help Books in the UA Libraries Catalog


  • Enter "wayne self help" into the search box, then click submit. (Be sure to include the quotation marks.) This will retrieve all identified self-help books in Wayne College Library's collection.
    • For a more focused search: Enter "wayne self help" AND (whatever your topic is)
    • Example: "wayne self help" AND depression
  • If you are required to find a self help book that includes references:
    • Perform the search.
    • Select the "Full Record" tab.
    • Look for "includes bibliographic references" in the description of the book.

Stress Management Video