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LARW: Legal Analysis Research & Writing

For first year law students taking LARW.

Word Processing Tips for LARW II

Be careful of double spacing after a sentence. You can use the grammar checker on word to show places where you made it 2 spaces.  But you have to set it up to do that. In Word, click on File>Options>Proofing>When Correcting Spelling and Grammar in Word>Writing Style>Settings>Require:Spaces Required between Sentences = 1. Then, when you are back in the document, click on Review>Spelling& Grammar.

Possibly better directions are here:

Page Numbers for an Appellate Brief

Instructions to insert page numbers, suppress first page, and restart the page numbers for a brief

After inserting the page numbers,

  • Double click on the footer 
  • From the Header and Footer tab, click the box in the middle that says Different First page to get rid of the page number on the first page
  • Highlight page number 2, select Page Number in the upper left of the tool bar, click format page numbers and change the number format to I, ii, iii
  • Hit Esc to get out of the footer and back to the text
  •  At the top of the page where you want 1,2,3 numbering to start, put the cursor at the start of the text.
  • Click on the Layout tab, select Breaks and insert a section break (continuous)
  • This should delete the page numbers for the pages below
  • Keeping the cursor before the text on the page you want the 1,2,3 to start…
  • Click on Insert, page number, select Format Page Number and select 1,2, 3 (Arabic numeral format). Then under Page numbering, click the button in front of Start at. Set to start at page 1.
  • Select insert, page number, and insert the page number into the bottom middle of page
  • Uncheck Different First page (Design Tab) for the page you started the 1,2,3 numbers on
  • Scroll back to the first page. If the number i has reappeared delete it.

Audio and Video of Oral Arguments

Federal Appellate Courts
All circuits have audio of oral arguments.

Writing Briefs

Oral Arguments