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Bierce Library

Bierce Library

Location: Buchtel Common

 Call Us: (330) 972-5355

 Text Us: (330) 529-5240

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Study Rooms at Bierce Library

  • There are 39 Study Rooms throughout Bierce Library that are available for student use.  
  • These study rooms are available for individual or group study. 
  • Maximum capacity for most rooms is 4.
  • Students may use any room that is not occupied or may book a room online using the catalog links on this guide.
  • Study room can be reserved online in 30 minute blocks, limited to 4 hours per student per day.  

Book your study room!

Study Rooms

**Click "Book Room" to view details about each room**

Ground Floor
The ground floor study rooms have been reconfigured to individual study spaces. 
Book a room on the ground floor.

53 A         53 E          54 A        54 C        76 B        78 A          


First Floor
The first floor study rooms seat 1-4 people. To use the interactive feature the computer must have the Epson software (available free online, pre-loaded on laptops at Media Tech Services). Use only Dry Erase markers (can be obtained from the Circulation Desk).

Book a room on the first floor.

156 A          156 B          156 C          156 D          


Second Floor
The first floor study rooms seat 1-4 people. 
Book a room on the second floor.

252 A          253 A         254 B          255 A          276 A          276 B          277 A         277 B         278 B         278 C         278 D          


Third Floor (Quiet Study)
The third floor study rooms have been reconfigured to individual study spaces. 
Book a room on the third floor.

352 A          353 A          353 E         354 A      354 B          355 A          375 A         376 A         

376 B          377 A       377 B          378 A         378 B          378 C          378 D          379 A        

Learning Studio Policies for Students

Do you need a quiet place to study or work on a project?

Students, faculty, and staff may now book any study room or combination of rooms for up to four hours per day. With study rooms located on the perimeter of each floor, Bierce Library is sure to have a space that will suit your needs.

Our rooms feature:
  • Seating for 1-4 persons, depending on the room
  • Dry erase boards
  • Power outlets
  • Adaptive equipment available in select rooms (Adaptive/ADA Rooms)
  • Confirmed booking--ensuring a study room will be available exactly when you need it.

Study Rooms that are not reserved are on a first come-first served basis. Students who are using a room booked by another student may be asked to relocate.