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Citing Journal Articles by Author(s)

In a Nutshell

  • Almost every source can be a website.

  • Titles of webpages, books, reports, dissertations, films and other stand-alone works are italicized in the References page. For in-depth use of italics see APA tutorial.

  • Do not add the line breaks manually in the DOI or URLs.

  • Make links blue and underlined (live hyperlinks) or black font (no underline).

  • For online sources, ask yourself, "what type of work (e.g., book, webpage, report) is on this webpage?" and then, find a reference that is similar to the work you want to cite using the most relevant example.

Deciphering Citations from a Database

Translating a Citation Retrieved from a Database:
undefined Find and track a citation (see an example of a citation from a library database):



Identify the key elements of the citation for a journal article:

      Author: Hamdani, M. R.
Publication Year: 2018
Article Title: Learning how to be a transformational leader through a skill-building, role-play exercise.
Journal Title: The International Journal of Management Education
Volume Number: 16
Issue Number (when available): 1
Pagination: 26-36
DOI hyperlink (when available): Please use the DOI Hyperlink.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ijme.2017.11.003 is incorrect.

  Format the citation into a reference according to the APA Style, 7th edition guidelines:

Hamdani, M. R. (2018). Learning how to be a transformational leader through a skill-building, role-play exercise. The International Journal of Management Education,16(1), 26-36.

Parenthetical citation: (Hamdani, 2018)
Narrative citation: Hamdani (2018)