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History Research Guide

Searching the Historical Literature

There is a vast amount of historical knowledge contained in sources other than monographs (books). Use the list of specialized databases on this page to locate articles, reports, congressional hearings, maps, biographical information, and more. Begin with a keyword search, and then refine the search using the "Subject" search if there are too many results. Consult this Search Logic Tutorial for more information on how to maximize the use of keywords. Most articles are available in PDF or HTML formats, but some require you to follow the Full Text Finder link to access the article. You may also search the title of the journal (not the article title) in the UA Library Catalog to see if the library has a subscription to the journal. If the journal is not available in our collection, you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan. For more information consult the Interlibrary Loan FAQ.

Primary and Secondary Source Databases

The following databases contain both, primary and secondary historical information in a variety of formats, including peer-reviewed, scholarly articles. Be aware that some of these databases also contain magazine articles that are considered popular and not peer-reviewed. 

eJournal Collections

Find UA eJournals by Title

Historical Periodical Collections

Government Documents and Legal Literature