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Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

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Chemical References

Use encyclopedias and other general references to get a topical overview before diving into the specific journal literature. Ullmann's opens in new window and Kirk-Othmer opens in new window both offer substantial non-engineering content.

Search Using Structure

3d caffeine

There are other databases that use structure search, but SciFinder connect the structure search to the chemical literature.

ACS Journals

How to Read a Journal Article

Finding Theses and Dissertations

How do I find UA Thesis & Dissertations

Interested in theses or dissertations after 2004? Try the Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center. You can download them as PDF and browse them according to department if you wish. You can even search for a particular adviser.

Interested in theses or dissertations prior to 2005? Use the keyword search in the UA Libraries Catalog. You could try a chemical engineering and selecting the material type as Thesis/Dissertation (any format) opens new window