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Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Bulk Chemical Prices

Search ICIS Chemical Business with Factiva

To get today's prices, you really have to call a supplier, or pay for the ICIS price reports. But the method below will get you pricing outlooks published in ICIS Chemical Business in the last three months.

  1. Log into

a business and news database, using this link or the UA catalog.

  1. On the search screen, select Source and type ICIS in the textbox. Select ICIS Chemical Business from the dropdown.

    Factiva example begins. Free text search link. Search form link. example link. multiline textbox to enter search terms. Date combo box with in last 3 months selected. Duplicate combo box with similar selected. search button. Source dropdown menu expanded. All sources. Browse sources. textbox with ICIS typed in it. Suggestion dropdown with ICIS Chemical Business and ICIS News in it. Checkbox checked. Search Source Name/Alias only. Checkbox checked. Exclude Discontinued Sources. See the latest Factiva content updates link. Factiva example ends.

  2. In the textbox box to enter search terms, type the name of your chemical followed by "AND uses AND pric* AND outlook". Capitalizing AND is important. Using benzene as an example gives the search string:
    • benzene AND uses AND pric* AND outlook
  3. Select the Date to be in the last 3 months, then select the search button.
  4. Pricing information is usually embedded in the article.