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Tools for Chemical Engineers 4200:101 - Library Assignment: Part 2: Google Scholar

Google Scholar Tutorial (video, 2:34 min.)

Learn to use Google Scholar to find scholarly articles and configure Google Scholar to get articles that the university subscribes to more easily. A transcript can be found on YouTube.

Note: Select 720p from settings button if possible.

Is the video not visible? Check your browser compatibility. opens new window

If your browser is compatable, try the video, Google Scholar Tutorial, on YouTube. opens new window

Setting up Library Links

Library links example begins. Settings. Search results link. Languages link. Library links link highlighted. Account link. Button link. Show library access links for (choose up to five libraries): textbox with akron typed in it. Search button. e.g. harvard. Checkbox checked. The University of Akron Libraries - Full Text Finder @ Uakron. Checkbox checked. OhioLINK - Find it with OhioLINK. Online access to library subscriptions is usually restricted to patrons of that library. You  may need to login with your library password, use a campus computer, or configure your browser to use a library proxy. Please visit your library's website or ask a local librarian for assistance. Save button. Cancel button. To retain settings, you must turn on cookies. Library links example ends.

Have you ever found the perfect article on Google Scholar, but it said you have to pay for it if you want it?

UA Libraries pays for many subscriptions to databases and journals, so you don't have to pay to get your article.

If you want to use Google Scholar, be sure to set up the library links. A hyperlink will appear in the results that reads Full Text Finder @ Uakron. This will connect you to the article.

To this end, go to Settings from the Google Scholar menu. Select library links, then type akron into the search textbox. After you select the Full Text Finder checkbox, you can start using the hyperlink.

Using Google's Search Operators

Google and Google Scholar have several advanced search operators opens new window. Learning these search operators will save you time. There are advanced search forms that you can use, but typing the search operators is faster.

Be sure not to type spaces between the search operator with a colon after it and the search term

Works for Google and Google Scholar

  • To search for two or three terms as a phrase, you will enclose it in quotation marks
    • "nuclear fission"
  • To search for either one term or another, you can place an capital OR between them
    • chemical OR polymer
    • The search is too broad giving a ton of results, but it illustrates the idea.
  • To exclude a search term, use a minus sign (-) before the term
    • -hydrophobic chemical OR polymer
    • Again, way too many results.

Works well for Google search for Websites

  • To search only a type of website like government websites, use site:
    • toxicology

Works well for Google Scholar

  • To find a word in the title of an article, use intitle:
    • intitle:"spider silk"
  • To find an author name, use author:
    • intitle:"spider silk" author:blackledge
  • To find a name in a journal title, use source:
    • author:blackledge source:adhesion

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