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Tools for Chemical Engineers 4200:101 - Library Assignment: Part 2: Google Scholar

Google Scholar Tutorial (2015)

I strongly encourage you to watch this video in 720 HD resolution.

Search Operators

Google has a number of advanced search operators that will help you improve your searches. Note there is no space between the colon (:) and the command or the search words.

Exact search:   Use quotatation marks "(exact phrase)"

example:   "You for the moment, you for the moment" will get you lyrics to Lana Del Rey's song "West Coast". Without quotes will not find the lyrics.

Search for multiple terms: Use OR (capitalize)

example:   yard OR lawn OR garage OR estate sale akron ][ finds all the specified types of sale in Akron

Remove a word:   Use the minus sign -(word to be excluded)

example:   bat -animal ][ Eliminates order chiroptera from your search results

Specify a format:   Use the filetype: command

example:   moby dick filetype:epub ][ only finds epub ebook formats of this public domain classic

Specify a website:   Use the site: command

example:   akron map ][ only get .gov website results

example:   playstation 4 ][ searches all of Craigslist at once for a Playstation 4

Find related websites:   Use the related: command

example: ][ Find websites related to the Cleveland Indians blog Let's Go Tribe

Fill in the blank:   Use an asterisk (*)

   example: best hip-hop * of 2014 ][ finds best hip-hop album, act, song, etc... of 2014

What links to a website?   Use the link: command

   example ][ websites that link to the University of Akron homepage

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