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Biology: Bioinformatics Tools

This guide provides an overview of UA Libraries' resources and services for biology and related sub-fields.

Bioinformatics Portals (many tools)


Using NCBI Medical Genetics Resources:

ClinVar: Aggregates information about genomic variation and its relationship to human health.

Try this: Search for sickle cell anemia to see which genes are involved

MedGen: Organizes information related to human medical genetics, such as attributes of conditions with a genetic contribution.

Try this: Search for sickle cell anemia to find out characteristics of this blood disorder

GTR: Centralizes genetic test information which is submitted by providers. Records include the test’s purpose, methodology, validity, evidence of the test’s usefulness, and laboratory contacts and credentials

Try this: Search for sickle cell anemia to discover tests, conditions, genes and laboratories studying this disorder

NCBI Gene Database:
NCBI Gene is like a Wikipedia for gene related information.That is, NCBI Gene centralizes gene related information into individual records. All kinds of gene-specific data are connected, from gene symbols to PubMed citations to 3D gene visualization. Much like a long Wikipedia entry, the gene-specific data are presented in an expandable outline format, so getting to a particular piece of the gene-specific data is fairly painless. It also bears mentioning that much of the data in NCBI Gene is user-submitted, so in that respect, like Wikipedia, NCBI Gene is crowd-sourced.

Searching Tip: It helps to know the organism (ex: homo sapiens), or you can filter results by Top Organisms.

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