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Dance - Sophomore research project guide: Individual databases

A guide to finding resources for the sophomore dance research project on a dance-related health topic.

Individual Databases

You should be able to find most of the information that you need through the databases found in ZipSearch.  Some may find it easier to search individual databases, however, rather than search them all simultaneously.  Here are lists of databases by subject that are relevant to this project. 

Dance - article databases

In ZipSearch

Psychology article databases

In ZipSearch

Not covered as thorough in ZipSearch

Health Sciences article databases

In ZipSearch



NOT covered as thoroughly in ZipSearch

How Do I get full text from these databases?

Any of the databases available from Ebsco will act like results from ZipSearch, with either the full text attached, a link to full text, or a link for requesting the article from ILL.

For the databases *not* in ZipSearch, many have full text.  For the others, you need to write down the full citation of the article including:

  • title of article
  • author(s) of article
  • title of journal
  • volume number, issue number, and/or date that article appeared in journal
  • page numbers of article

Then use this information to request via ILL.  DON'T PAY FOR IT UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED IT THAT SECOND!

Sports Science article databases

In ZipSearch

General databases

JSTOR is somewhat covered in ZipSearch.  Much of the early content does not have abstracts, which is what ZipSearch searches, so this content does not appear in ZipSearch.  However, this assignment likely calls for more recent sources, so you probably don't have to go directly to JSTOR.  But if you do:

  • The alternative to searching in abstracts is searching in full text.  Since that is going to produce a lot of irrelevant results, it helps to limit your search to subject areas (below on the advanced search screen)