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Introduction to Nursing (Wayne): Career Interest Literature Search: Search Example Using CINAHL

How do I find the Author's Credentials?

Author credentials can appear in many different places for different journals. It is almost like searching for buried treasure.

Places that credentials can be found includes, but is not limited to

  • after the author's name on the title page,
  • in the footnotes of the first page,
  • in another block of information that describes the affiliation of the authors usually on the first page, or
  • on the last page before the references.

CINAHL Searching

Searching for a specific topic in Nursing? We have several databases available (see list below), but you may want to start out searching the CINAHL (Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature) Plus Full Text database.

View a demonstration of an advanced keyword search strategy in the CINAHL Database:

Using CINAHL Headings

When you find a CINAHL Heading, notice the Explode and Major Concept checkboxes.

Use the Explode checkbox if you are interested in the subtopics too. For example, Neonatal Nursing is one subtopic for Pediatric Nursing. Selecting this checkbox will search the CINAHL heading and ALL headings under it in the hierarchy. You will get an incredible number of results, so you will need to narrow the results by adding terms, or using other limiters.

The Major Concept checkbox forces the heading to be a major concept. You might want to use the Major Concept checkbox to try to get more precise results.

Also notice that several subheadings appear if you select either checkbox. By default, all subheadings are sought. For example if we were interested ethical issues, using this subheading could give you a results set that is even more precise.

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