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Supply Chain and Operations Management

This guide supports the learning and research activities of undergraduate and graduate students in supply chain and operations courses in the College of Business Administration.

Company Information

These databases contain a variety of  company information; explore several to obtain a complete picture of your company.

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Private Company Information

Private company information is difficult to locate and usually requires multiple methods and sources. Unlike public companies, private companies are not required to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), so the information found in those documents is not usually available for private companies.


  • A limited amount of private company information can be found on state government websites, usually within the secretary of state's web domain. Although limited, information found there may help to form a more complete private company profile. Use a search engine and keywords, such as "Michigan Secretary of State" to locate state websites, and then look for tabs associated with operating a business in that state.
  • Search the Web for a given company's website where you will find at least some information. Use the website's "Contact Us" link to request needed information, as private companies will often send you information.
  • Search the following for SWOT analysis, news, and articles in popular, trade, and professional publications:

Financial Data, Ratios, Legal and Tax Information

Financial Ratios can be found in Factiva by opening the "Companies/Markets" drop down menu from the navigation bar at the top of any Factiva page

1. Follow the "Company" link.

2. Enter your company name in the Smart Lookup search box. The company report will display.

3. Select "Financial Results" from the list of links on the left side of the page. The Financial Results page will display.

4. Click on the arrow in the "Statement Type" search box and select "Key Ratios" from the drop down list.

5. Click "Go". A list of ratios will display!

Journals, Trade Publications, Newspapers, and Reports

Use these databases to access company and industry information in business journals, trade publications, magazines, major newspapers, and reports.

To access a brief company profile use Business Source Complete. Click on "Company Information" on the top navigation bar, enter a company name, find your company in the result list.

Search the UAL Catalog for Books on Your Company