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Supply Chain and Operations Management

This guide supports the learning and research activities of undergraduate and graduate students in supply chain and operations courses in the College of Business Administration.

Supply Chain Management and Operations on a Global Scale

Effective management of supply chain and operations on a global scale presents numerous region-specific circumstances, challenges, and risks. To navigate these variables successfully supply chain managers must gain a thorough knowledge of the educational, economic, legal, political, social, and religious variables of each point in the supply chain. Laws and regulations, including those affecting banking, monetary exchange, the import and export of materials and products, ownership of intellectual property, and safety affect supply chain planning and implementation. Use the resources linked on this page to locate information for specific countries. Best practice is to consult several sources and to critically analyze the information you discover. 

Country Profiles, Data, and Statistics

This subscription database provides up-to-date country insight reports.

The following Web Sites provide a variety of international data and statistics.

Data Aggregators: Data-Planet and Statista

Be sure to scroll down for sources of data in specific areas of interest!