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Law Review

Articles: Increasing Citations to Law Review Articles

How Journals can Increase Citations

  1. Make the full text of back content available for open access (journal website, institutional repository, SSRN), as well as on Westlaw, Lexis and HeinOnline.
  2. Get the journal listed in directories (see links below)
  3.  Long articles (36-90 pages), short titles without colons, and writing on popular topics. How to Increase Citations to Legal  Scholarship Willey & Knapp 2021.
  4. Promote articles on social media.
  5. Use digital object identifiers. Assessing Heinonline as a Source of Scholarly Impact Metrics, Wallace, et. al, 2022; Craigle, Adopting DOI in Legal Citation: A Roadmap for the Legal Academy 2021.
  6. Use article assessment algorithms. Hackett, An Analysis of Factors that Impact Citation Counts (2013).
  7. Increase article findability through effective titles, abstracts, and metadata. Marks & Le Increasing Article Findability Online 2017 

AI for Projecting Scholarly Impact

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