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Ohio Law - Free Websites & Sources

Use free websites to find Ohio law.

Ohio Administrative Code

The rules adopted by the agencies of the state of Ohio. State agencies adopt rules to carry out the policies and intent of laws passed by the General Assembly. The rules are collected and published in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC or AC). Source:

When researching Ohio regulations, start with the Ohio Administrative Code. You can search the Ohio Administrative Code by keyword or browse the table of contents.  Click the link below to use the Ohio Administrative Code online.

Register of Ohio - Proposed and New Regulations

The Register of Ohio provides public notice of hearings on proposed rules and information about state agency rule-making proceedings.  When a state agency proposes to adopt rules, it must publish a public notice of its intention and conduct a public hearing on its proposed rules. This public hearing provides the opportunity for public input and comment on the proposed rules.  Ohio does not have online public comment forms.  In Ohio, you have to go to the public hearing to have your comments heard.  Sometimes written comments can be submitted before the hearing. The proposed regulation public notice will indicate if written comments can be sent and where to send them.

Search recently adopted rules in the Register of Ohio by keyword, agency, or date.

State Agency Regulation web sites

A third place to look for Ohio regulations would be the state agency web sites. Some of the agencies have links to their regulations and proposed regulations right on their web sites. Here are few of those agencies:

For regulations before the Ohio Administrative Code was published in 1977, check with the agency, or local library, or State Library of Ohio. May be reproduced in older treatises.

For more information on Ohio Regulations:

Ohio Agency Decisions

Agency websites may contain agency decisions, although older decisions may not be available.  Here is a list of some of the Ohio agency decisions available on the web:

Some agency decisions are unpublished and hard to find. For example:

Some of the decisions of the Ohio Unemployment Compensation Review Commission - formerly the Ohio Unemployment Compensation Board of Review are available from The Ohio Supreme Court library 

Other Agency Documents & Agency Guidance