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Preemption Checking

Checklist for conducting a preemption check.

Video: Westlaw Preemption Check for a Note

Using Westlaw

Check the following on Westlaw:

Run a Preemption Check in the Secondary Sources area.  It will simultaneously search the following databases:

·         Law Reviews and Journals 

·         Texts & Treatises 

·         American Jurisprudence and Corpu juris Secundum (legal encyclopedias)

·         American Law Reports 

·         Legal Newspapers & Newsletters

·         News- searches general news for recent articles about your topic.

Check case law, legislation and  follow any Negative Treatment or Citing References for your case or legislation (Keycite).  The citing references tab includes secondary sources that cite to your case.

Set up weekly ALERTS for changes to cases or legislation that may impact your topic.

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