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Course Reserves: Electronic Reserve

What Can Be Requested for ERES?

Electronic Reserve

  • PDF, Websites, Word Docs, Power Points...Any format that can also be uploaded to Springboard
  • Portion and chapters of books can be placed on Electronic Reserve
  • Articles from Journals should be placed on Electronic Reserve
  • Materials for long distance learning students should be placed on Electronic Reserve.
  • Electronic Reserve materials are kept on Springboard, and are only accessible to current students
  • Cannot be placed on Permanent Reserve, and must be revived every semester

Request Course Reserves

Professors may request their course materials to be placed on reserve

(a) online via the forms linked below or

(b) by visiting the circulation desk at either Bierce Library or S&T Library.

Request a Print Book

Request a CD or DVD

Request ERES Article

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my ERES articles?

Beginning Summer 2013, Electronic Reserves articles will be available to you and your students via your Springboard page. The documents you requested will appear on your Springboard page under a module named Reserve Articles. Articles are not static, and they may be moved and organized as you like.

Why did you get rid of the old system? I liked it the way it was before!

For those who have used Electronic Reserves in the past: our service will remain exactly the same, except with a different end point. You can still request any digital content you like, and we will ensure it is copyright compliant and online for you.

We moved away from our old system (called Docutek) and towards Springboard to provide simplicity and efficiency for students and instructors. Rather than forcing users to go through a complicated log in process, we are proud to be able to offer the same service in a convenient location.

Will I be required to upload the ERES files to Springboard myself?

No, files will be processed and uploaded by the Course Reserves manager, just as before.

How do I request ERES for Springboard?

To request Electronic reserve, click on the Electronic Course Reserves forms. There you will be prompted to provide information about your course. Click on the Add E-Reserves Item to provide bibliographic information about the material that you want to add to your Springboard Page.

Click the green button as many times as necessary to provide more bibliographic information.

How long will it take to process my request?

Usually process time will only take a couple of days, but it may take up to 2 weeks. Making a request well in advance will ensure that your materials are available to your students on time.

How many articles should I request at one time?

Ideally, all articles for the entire semester should be prepared and requested at the same time. The "dead line" for requesting electronic course reserves is week 7, so that the Course Reserves Manager has time to prepare all articles for copyright clearance. Requests made past Week 7 will still be processed, but there may be a slight delay due to the urgency of confirming copyright.

How long will my ERES articles last?

All ERES articles you request will be accessible through your Springboard page throughout the semester. At the end of the semester, students and instructors will no longer be able to view the article. This measure is in place due to the copyright policies we follow to maintain compliance.

If you would like to provide your course reserve articles for multiple semesters, please contact the course reserves manager for your location.

 When I try to access my ERES articles I get an error. What should I do?

If the above error occurs when you try to click on a link, contact a course reserve manager to get the course revived. Most frequently, this error means that the course expired after the previous semester and that new permissions need to be established. Sometimes it is the result of a processing error, but either way the solution is a simple fix.

Why are there three course reserve managers and who should I contact?

The three course reserve managers are connected to three different libraries at University of Akron.

If your course is taught at the Wayne Campus, Lisa Nagy should be your contact.

Requests for courses taught on the Main Campus should go to Caitlin Noussias.

How to find your ERES Requests

Log onto and access your Springboard Course Sites as usual. All Course Reserve files will be uploaded as Content under the module Reserve Articles as a default.