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Urban Economics:Theory & Policy 3250 487: Local and State Data

Prerequisite: 200 and 201 or 244 or permission of instructor. Analysis of urban issues from an economic perspective. Emphasis on urban growth, land-use patterns, housing, income distribution, poverty and urban fiscal policy.

Data-Planet and Statista

Find City, County, and State Data in National Level Sources

Most local and state data must be gleaned from national level sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Justice Statistics, National Center for Education Statistics, and other government and organization databases. Search the following Web sites for local, regional, and national data. Collecting data for your research project may involve utilization of more than one of these sites. Spend an appropriate amount of time to conduct a thorough search.

State of Ohio Data Sources

Local and Regional Data Sources:Cleveland and Cuyahoga County