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Practices and Trends in Music Education (MUSIC 612)

Getting the full text of a cited article

Once you have a full citation of an article (with journal title, journal issue, article title, and article author), you can obtain the full text one of three ways:


First:  Check to see if we have the journal in electronic format

  • On the Libraries' Homepage, click the blue tab that says "E-Journals"  
  • Search for the Journal title in the search box
  • If we have it electronically, it will be listed here.  Click on the red plus to expand to see the dates of coverage and the database in which it may be found.  We may not have an electronic version for every year of a journal.  Click on the database link that has the coverage you need.
  • That should take you to the full text of the articles in that journal for the years of coverage you need.

Second:  If we don't have it in an electronic format for your date, we may have it in print:

  • Go to the library's catalog and click on the "Advanced Search" tab
  • Search for your journal title as "title", and choose to limit your search to material type "serial"
  • If we have the journal in print, the coverage will be listed.  Print journals can be found on the Ground floor of Bierce Library. 

Third:  If we do not have the journal in electronic or print format, we must request it via InterLibrary Loan. 

  • Go to InterLibrary Loan and log in
  • Click on "new request" and choose "article".
  • Fill out as much information as you have, but you *must* have at least
    •  Journal title
    • Journal volume and/or date
    • Page number range
    • Article title
    • Article author(s)
  • You can check on the status of your request via your ILL account.  The article will be digitized and attached to your account.  It can take up to 10 business days to receive your article.     
  • Do not use OhioLINK to request journal volumes or articles.