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Practices and Trends in Music Education (MUSIC 612)

Searching for articles on a topic

 There are two basic ways to search for articles on a topic:

1 - Searching in ZipSearch

2 - Searching in individual databases

Searching in ZipSearch

ZipSearch is a tool that searches in many different databases simultaneously, including those that contain Music Education related content, such as:

  • Academic Search Complete
  • Education Research Complete
  • Electronic Journal Center
  • ERIC
  • Humanities International Complete
  • Humanities Full Text
  • Music Index
  • PsychInfo
  • RILM


**Note about ZipSearch

The default settings are to search *everything* and to only show direct links to *full text*

  • To search only articles, check the box marked "academic journals" under "source type"
  • To see citations that don't have full text attached, uncheck "available in library collection"


Searching in individual databases

There are several reasons you may want to search in individual databases:

  • If you are trying ZipSearch and are getting too many results, that is one way to limit your search
  • For Music Databases, click here; for Education Databases, click here; for Psychology Databases, click here.


Limiting your search

Limiting your search:

Most databases allow you to "limit"  your search by:

  • Choosing a date range
  • Choosing to search only for scholarly or peer reviewed articles
  • Choosing to search only for results that have the full text attached
  • Other options, such as subject, language, or type of publication (newspaper, journal, magazine, etc.)

Selecting one or all of these options will help make your search more specific and reduce the number of results.

Make sure you look for and use these options no matter which database you search.


How do I Find a Specific Article?

Do you know where the Article is (what journal, conference, volume, pages, etc)? Use the UA Libraries Catalog. opens new window

Need a Specific Article that Can't be Downloaded and is not in our Library? Try

How to get the article you find

You found the perfect article; now how do you get the full text?

  • Sometimes the complete article is available immediately.  You will see a link for the PDF or HTML version of the full text if the article is available from that database.  If it is available from another database that the University of Akron subscribes to, there will be a link that says "full text through LinkSource".  If you click on that link, you should be redirected to the full text.
  • If the full text is not available, click on the button that says "request through InterLibrary Loan" to automatically request the item.  If the database doesn't have that button, write down the citation information, and enter the request through InterLibrary Loan manually.   (see Tutorial tab for help)