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Practices and Trends in Music Education (MUSIC 612)

Music Databases

How to set up and use the Naxos Music Library mobile app

  1. First, log into Naxos via the UA Libraries using this link:
  2. Once you're in, you should see University of Akron & University of Akron-Wayne in the upper left hand corner.
  3. Go to the navigation bar on the left and follow the Playlist link.
  4. Locate the Student/Member Sign up at the top right and follow the Sign up link.
  5. Create a login on the sign up page. This login, consisting of your email address and a custom password, then becomes your login for the mobile app.
  6. You will be sent a confirmation email, where you will need to click on a link to confirm the creation of your account.
  7. Download the app onto your device, and log in!

General Databases