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Education: All-in-one

Education Topics Involving Different Cultures or Diverse Populations

Education research often requires research and understanding of different cultures. Education research with respect to different cultures comes in many different areas. You may want to understand how U.S. cultural norms impact the learning of students from a different country. Maybe you are interested in classroom management techniques all around the world. Perhaps you are trying to understand family roles in education around the world. The possibilities are truly endless.

The interdisciplinary nature of education often times can push you into "non-education" resources to find your answer. The list below includes education databases but also resources from other subject areas such as sociology, anthropology, and religion. These "non-education" resources may help you answer education research questions that have cultural elements. Certainly you may also find good content in an education branded resource.


I suggest you start with the big three education databases.


The following are those "non-education" databases that can be very useful when researching cultural topics.