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Free and Low Cost Law School Casebooks and Teaching Resources

Free Law School Textbooks and Teaching Resources

How can I find free online casebooks or ebooks?

1. Use ebooks purchased by the library. These can include Databases such as Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg and Study Aid Databases. Or, you can search the library catalog for an ebook, or ask the librarians. Linking to any of the ebooks purchased by the library does not have any copyright implications.

2. Find free open source casebooks on the web.

3. Create your own free casebook 

How can I find free videos to use for my class?

How can I find free online educational games?

How can I find free interactive online lessons?

How can I get free lessons on human rights and racial issues to incorporate into my law course?

I need some professional identity resources

University of Akron's Affordable Learning Initiative

The University of Akron's Affordable Learning Initiative 

"The University of Akron, in partnership with OhioLINK and the Open Textbook Network, has been working to consolidate efforts around textbook / course materials affordability and open education resource adoption. This effort is directly tied to the success of our students, and involves numerous departments on campus."


Research Guides for Open Educational Resources