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Legal Research Databases

Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg Law and Fastcase

Cost of Legal Research and Cost Recovery

Law firms may be concerned about both:

1. The actual cost of what they pay for research. Firms have flat rate plans for some part of Westlaw or Lexis. (For example, a firm might buy only the Ohio databases.) The firm can use databases not included in the flat rate plan on a per item basis. Usually, the firm is charged per document clicked on in Lexis or Westlaw for items not included in the firm's plan. On Westlaw, there may also be a document delivery fee for off plan documents.

2. Cost recovery - what the firm charges the client for research. Some firms do not directly bill clients for research at all.

Actual Cost:

See the boxes below regarding Lexis and Westlaw pricing and cost effective tips. Also see:


Cost Recovery:

Lexis Pricing

Lexis - Cost Effective Tips

Call the reference attorneys before you search off-plan -  1-800-45 LEXIS (53947)

Westlaw - Cost Effective Use

Call the reference attorneys before you search off-plan:  1-800-REF-ATTY (733-2889)