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Lexis, Westlaw, Bloomberg Law and Fastcase

Connecting to Lexis

Permitted Uses of Lexis

Need Help?

LexisNexis Law School Customer Support
1-800-45-LEXIS  (1-800-455-3947)

When in the Lexis+ research system, click on MORE in the upper left, and select LIVE CHAT SUPPORT.

Our School's Lexis Representative:
Jennifer Durkin

Law Library Lexis Contact:
Sue Altmeyer

Tutorials, Training and Guides

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Written Materials

When in Lexis, click on HELP in the upper right for help based upon the screen in Lexis you are viewing.

Terms and connectors and natural language on Lexis+

  • BOTH the big search box AND Search within Results can process natural language and terms and connectors.
  • If you use and, or, /p, /s, /n your search will be converted to terms and connectors.  If you have some words in the search that do not have connectors, Lexis+ interprets this as a phrase (interprets it as a blank space between the words. ) Example: dna sample arrested and "serious crime"   should be:  dna and sample and arrest! and "serious crime" (or even better: dna and (collect! or sample or profile) and (arrest! or accus! or custody or "facing charges:) and "serious crime"
  • If you use quotation marks or ! it will NOT convert the search to terms and connectors.  It will still be run as a natural language search.  Example:  "undue influence" will

Why it is important to Shepardize

Lexis and Westlaw Order of Operations

Note that Westlaw uses BUT NOT or % for not.

You can always use parenthesis, (), to change the order of processing.

Shepards Signals