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1-800-REF-ATTY (1-800-733-2889)

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1-800-WESTLAW  (1-800-937-8529)

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Holly Rush

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Sarah Starnes

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Keycite Flags in Westlaw Precision

List of keycite flags

Westlaw Connectors and Expanders

Terms and Connectors and Natural Language on Westlaw

  • A natural language search or a terms and connectors search may be used in the big box. Only terms and connectors may be used in the Search within Results box.  
  • Automatic detection of terms and connectors searches: Whenever you type a query that contains a field restriction, proximity connector (/n, /s, /p), quotation marks, or expander (+, %, !), Westlaw automatically processes your search as a Boolean Terms and Connectors query. See Westlaw Getting Started Guide.  If you have some words in the search that do not have connectors between them, Westlaw interprets the blank space as OR.  For example: dna sample arrested and "serious crime", is interpreted by Westlaw as: (dna OR sample or arrested) and "serious crime".  (Note that AND, &, OR do NOT automatically trigger a terms and connectors search.  You can either type adv: in front of the search, or change your preferences to make the search default to terms and connectors if and, or, etc. is used. To the right of the search box on Westlaw, click on Search Tips for more information.) 


Practical Law

  1. Practical Law is a legal know-how that goes beyond primary law and traditional legal research to give lawyers a better starting point. The tools included can help both students and faculty improve their know-how of how these areas of law are used in the practicing world. To learn more about Practical Law, click here.

Lexis and Westlaw Order of Operations

Note that Westlaw uses BUT NOT or % for not.

You can always use parenthesis, (), to change the order of processing.