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Keyword Searching for the Domestication Project (not required for every class)

For this assignment begin with keyword such as "domesitcation" or "progenitor" or "early crop", combined with your assigned species. For instance, "domestication" AND ""goat". . . "projenitor" AND "crop" AND "chickpea".

It is best to not use the phrases that appear in the drop down box while you are entering your search term, as the indexing/tagging in most modern databases is inferior. This will result in far fewer useful results. For instance, while entering the term"domestication", the database may display "domestication of animals"; however, it is best just to leave the term at "domestication".


Other Open Source Links

Ancient Near Eastern websites (from trusted sources only)

A. Abzu (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago), now a part of ETANA – listing of open-source materials for the study of the ancient Near East

B. ETANA (Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East Archives) – open-source materials centered around the study of ancient texts

C. AWOL – Ancient World Online continuation of Abzu, includes a list of 1,646 open access journals in ancient studies

D. University of Michigan Library Research Guides in the Ancient Near East - very useful guide with extensive article databases, bibliographies, text and image collections.

E. Ancient Near East Net - list of journals and other resources (not updated since 2004)

F. ARCANE (Associated Regional Chronologies for the Ancient Near East and the Eastern Mediterranean) - focus on Early Bronze Age (3rd MBC chronologies).

G. TAY project: The Archaeological Settlements of Turkey. On-line database on 12,000+ sites in Turkey.

H. CAIS (The Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies), out of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS, London)

I. State Archives of Assyria Bulletin (SAAB), originally out of Helsinki. Volumes dedicated to the study of ancient Assyria

J. University of Chicago Regenstein Library Ancient Near East Subject Guide - this has a useful list of internet sites of interest to scholars of the ANE and electronic open stacks (EOS) and the Electronic Publications Initiative (EPI). With 700+ electronic publications.

K. Yale University Library Ancient Near East collections . Guide to the Yale Babylonian Collection. Some materials are online

L. CDLI – Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative - consortium effort housed at UCLA. Includes a database for seals (n=32K+) and tablets (n=31K+)

Museum websites with searchable on-line collections

A. Ashmolean Museum (Oxford) and The Griffith Institute

B. British Museum (London)

C. Oriental Institute (Chicago)

D. Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art (New York)

E. The Morgan Library & Museum (New York) – online collection of seals and tablets


Dr. Matney's List of Suggested Journals

The following journals can be searched through Anthropology Plus, the EJC, JSTOR, and some can be accessed directly from the publisher's Website.

General Archaeology Journals

  • American Journal of Archaeology (AJA)
  • Archaeology
  • Journal of the American Institute of Archaeology
  • Current Anthropology (CA)
  • Cambridge Archaeology Journal
  • Antiquity
  • World Archaeology

General Near Eastern Archaeology Journals

  • Journal of Near Eastern Studies (JNES)
  • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (BASOR)
  • Near Eastern Archaeology (NEA), formerly Biblical Archaeologist
  • Journal of the American Oriental Society (JAOS)
  • Bibliotheca Orientalis (biOr)
  • Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology Heritage Studies (JEMAHS)
  • Akkadica
  • Paléorient
  • Ash-sharq, Bulletin of the Ancient Near East: Archaeological, Historical and Societal Studies (from Archeopress)
  • Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions
  • Acta Archaologia
  • Ancient Near Eastern Studies
  • British Museum Quarterly
  • Expedition (University of Pennsylvania Museum)
  • Orientalia

Turkish Archaeology Journals

  • Anatolica
  • Anatolian Studies
  • Anadolu/Anatolia
  • Belleten


  • Iraq (British School of Archaeology in Iraq)


  • Bibliotheca Mesopotamica
  • Mesopotamia
  • Syria


  • Iran
  • Iranica Antiqua
  • Acta Iranica
  • Archaeologia Viva
  • Iranian Studies
  • Persica


  • Israel Exploration Journal (IEJ)
  • Levant (Council for British Research in the Levant)
  • Palestine Exploration Quarterly (PEQ)
  • Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR)

Specialist/technical Journals

  • Journal of Cuneiform Studies (JCS)
  • Archaeometry

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