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Nutrition/Dietetics: Off-Campus

This guide highlights nutrition/dietetics and related resources and services for the UA community.

How to Connect FROM OFF-CAMPUS

Make sure you are logged in to ensure you have access to the UA Libraries e-resources (databases, e-journals, etc.).

====How to Get Access to e-Resources from Off-Campus ====

Use your UAnetID (username) and password. Remember, you will use the exact same username and login as you use to login to Springboard and to on-campus computers.

1. <<Click here for the remote access login>>

2. After logging in, a listing of e-resources at UA Libraries will appear.  Recommended: Access PubMed and Google Scholar from the UA Libraries website for more full-text options
3. Click the link of the e-resource/database you want to start searching.



Common Troubleshooting Solutions

  • If you are trying to download an article, check the E-JOURNALS page to verify dates that we subscribe. Search this page for electronic journals and conference proceedings.
  • Add the UA Library proxy URL ( to access resources remotely.
    To do this, get the link of a 
    library resource (article, journal, database, etc.), and follow these steps:

1. Copy the full URL of the library resource and paste into a browser address window (URL#1)
2. Highlight and copy the following string:
3. Paste URL#2 IN FRONT OF the URL#1. The resulting URL should look something like this:
4. You will be prompted to enter your UAnetID username and password.


What should I include when I Submit an Error Report

  1. What are you

    • trying to use. For example, ScienceDirect or CINAHL

    • trying to get. For example,

Effects of Contact Ratio on Transmission Errors of Trochoidal Gears by Ohta, Kurita, and Kishi; J. Tribol. 2014;136(3) from URL

  1. Where are you? Are you home, work, etc.?

  2. What browser and operating system are you using?

  3. What steps did you take to get this error? Be sure to include error messages and URLs. Screenshots might help to recreate the problem.

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