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United States Federal Law - Free Websites

Use free websites to find federal law.

Library Databases - Supreme Court Records & Briefs

A majority of documents can be accessed via two databases purchased by the library.  Documents from Supreme Court cases filed from 1832-1978 are accessible via the Making of Modern Law (includes both cert denied and cert granted cases).  Documents from cases actually argued before the Supreme Court from 1975-2021  will be on Proquest Supreme Court Insight.  University of Akron faculty and students may access these databases off campus.

Some Supreme Court records and briefs are available via the subscription databases Bloomberg Law, Lexis and Westlaw.  This guide only lists FREE sources available on the web or in the library.

Photo courtesy of wikimedia.

The library catalog has some listings for briefs for specific cases.  Search the catalog using name of case and "briefs" as keywords.

SCOTUS Records & Briefs On the Web

Oral Arguments

Lexis and Westlaw also contain oral argument transcripts.

Current Awareness

U.S. Supreme Court Statistics