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Study Aids for First Year Courses

Database Instructions

The ebook study aid databases allow for downloading, printing, cut and paste, highlighting, bookmarking and taking notes.  See below for some "how-tos".

Akron Law Digital

Akron Law Digital (Lexis Study aids)

Sign in with your University of Akron email address.

Help: Click on MY ACCOUNT and select help

Instructions for downloading, highlighting, etc.

Aspen Learning Library fka Wolters Kluwer

Aspen Learning Library (fka Wolters Kluwer Study Aid Library) 


  1. Go to
  2. Select your institution (University of Akron School of Law).
  3. Your library card number is the same as your UANet ID.  If you have a UANet ID that does not include any numbers, you should receive an email with your library card number. The library card number is case sensitive. Contact Sue Altmeyer if your card number is not working.

Notes, Bookmarks and Highlights: You must create a subaccount to save your highlights and notes.

  1. Log into Aspen Learning Library (fka Wolters Kluwer Study Aid Library) using your library card number, which is your UANet ID.
  2. Once you are logged in, on the righthand side there is a blue-green box on the right that says "Register".  Click Register to set up a personal account.

Make sure you are logged into your both the school's account and your personal subaccount.  The top of the page will say your school's name AND your username.

Printing:  You can print up to 30% of the book if you’re signed in with your sub-login.  


Access and download books via Android, Apple, Mac or PC App. You can download the app of your choice here.

Find each app user guide here.


West Academic

West Academic Study Aids

Highlights & Notes, Cut and Paste
You must create an account to add notes and highlights.  Click on Create Account in the upper right. Then, be sure you are signed into your account.  

Go to the book you want, go to Book Browse and click on a section. Then click on the blue box on the right that says Open in Redshelf eReader.  See the slide show below.

You can print unlimited pages from the browser view of a book. In the eReader that supports highlighting and note taking, you can print up to 25% of any book.

Student Inquiries
If you have questions or need technical support:
Call: 1-877-888-1330 (option 4) 


How to Access Red Shelf Version of West Academic Study Aids

Sign in to your West Academic Account

Search for the book you want

Go to Browse Book and pull up a section of the text

Click on Open EShelf eReader - blue box in the upper right

You are in the Ereader. You can highlight and add notes - just go to some text...

Highlight and Add Notes